In developing our range of staves, our aim was to meet the demands of our customers, who wanted to: "see the characteristic boutes style extended to alternative products".

We do in fact offer a whole range of barrelrelated products, all meeting the same exacting quality criteria to which we hold our barrel-making.
Rigorous selection of oak woods based on their quality and grain

    At our stave yard at Louroux de Bouble (Allier) we make our barrel-staves and individual staves from the same timber. We make no distinction.
  • Slow, open-air maturing at our wood yard in Marcenat (Allier)
  • Bespoke toasting.

We toast our staves in a state of the art infrared heat tunnel. This process allows for perfect regulation of the desired aromatic profile, through monitoring and controlling the duration and intensity of the toast. With this technique we can avoid a uniform all-over toast, and favour a more balanced aromatic profile.

As a result, we can offer products which are regular and consistent in their style and quality, created using the same principles that we apply to our barrel-making.