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Seasoned in the open air for 18 / 24 months.

This barrel was created by Pierre and Eric Barthe 4 years after they joined their father in the company (1997). They came to the copany with ideas that were innovative for the time and were convinced that the company should offer barrels that are harmonious and respectful of the fruit.

This barrel lies at the heart of our philosophy and is the most widely sold across all our markets: it is our flagship product.

















Seasoned in the open air for 30/36 months.

This barrel was designed and developed with the idea of aging wines over a longer period (longer than 12 months), integrates more slowly, gradually producing wines with tannins that are powerful and yet delicate.

It was first tested in 2000 in collaboration with the Piedmont producers, Barolo, and has now won over many producers of fine wines throughout the world.
















This is an unconventional barrel,
produced only in limited quantities.

We intentional reduce the perception of woody and toasted notes in the wine in favour of highlighting the purity of the fruit and the expression of the terroir.

With this barrel we offer no choice in the source of the wood, the seasoning process, or the type of toast, all of which remain proprietary.
















Seasoned for 18/24 months.
Quantity limited to 1,000 casks.

This barrel is part of aprocess we are developing to gain a better understanding of and control over the way wood exposure affects seasoning. We use only timber that has little or no exposure to the sun or to the rain.

It is very rich in elegant tannins and Offers density and richness on the palate.

















Seasoned in the open air for 18/24 months.
Very limited production.

Production of this barrel was a natural consequence of our long years of research into a better understanding of the way exposure can affect the seasoning process.

The wood used is specially selected from the stacks that havehad the most exposure to the rain, the wind and the sun. This barrel has some very mature tannins in limited quantities.
It gives the wine a good level of tension.















Our range of barrels will meet each and every one of your needs, in terms of both quality and price. Our wood from France, the USA or Eastern Europe undergoes a strict selection process and comes from the finest timber forests, guaranteeing you the very best of what you have come to expect from a Boutes barrel.

We manufacture our tanks and wooden vats in full compliance with the rules of best French Cooperage practises.

Our master craftsmen are heirs to a long tradition and age-old expertise handed down from generation to generation.

Great care and attention goes into the choice of the wood we use, which comes from the very best forests and which we let develop and weather in the open air for several years.

All our teams are here to listen to you and propose products that are perfectly suited to your requirements in terms of quality, aesthetics and practicality.

Each "piece" which slowly takes shape in our workshops is a unique work of art made in the traditional way, on order and in limited quantities.











In developing our range of staves, our aim was to meet the demands of our customers, who wanted to: "see the characteristic boutes style extended to alternative products".

We do in fact offer a whole range of barrelrelated products, all meeting the same exacting quality criteria to which we hold our barrel-making. Rigorous selection of oak woods based on their quality and grain

At our stave yard at Louroux de Bouble (Allier) we make our barrel-staves and individual staves from the same timber. We make no distinction. Slow, open-air maturing at our wood yard in Marcenat (Allier) Bespoke toasting.

We toast our staves in a state of the art infrared heat tunnel. This process allows for perfect regulation of the desired aromatic profile, through monitoring and controlling the duration and intensity of the toast. With this technique we can avoid a uniform all-over toast, and favour a more balanced aromatic profile.

As a result, we can offer products which are regular and consistent in their style and quality, created using the same principles that we apply to our barrel-making.